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White Metaling


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Full White Metaling Service in Hoyt's 11R & 11Z3 - The Supreme white metals

Casting, Machining and Line boring etc

We can re-metal almost anything from tiny Henderson motorcycle big ends to large Stationary engines. We can also re-claim hard to get bearings like Matra V12 (see below) & Daimler DB18 mains 


Above:  Obsolete Matra V12 main bearings (2+ sets ) recast, ready for customer to refit and line bore


Casting Service

Many overseas and trade customers use our recasting service - this saves having to ship the crank cases / block & crank. We can return your bearings, rough cast within 10 days for approx 40* per bearing (* split pair, up to 2.5 inch. diameter).  

See examples below:


 Derby Bentley Mains                           Riley 12/4 Rear Mains   



MG Complete set cast and ready for machining     MG big ends before & after



Andre Clement: Above left - Line boring, Below - Badge enlarged, Above right - one of its several white metaled gearbox bearings



New (Invicta) rods for old? Above left "tired" original alloy rod replaced with new Carillo pattern. Above right new rods shown after white metal casting - before and after machining.


The above examples represent a cross section of the variety of white metaling that we have recently completed. We have never turned a job away, and have never been beaten (yet!?)

FVR white metal castings and finished bearings are available direct from us or from the following approved Machine shops, Engine restorers etc:

Robinson Engineering, Ferndown  

Robson Engineering (Farndon Engineering), Coventry

Cox & Turner Engineering, Yeovil

Downton Vintage & Sports Cars, Lymington  

LMB Racing, Belgium (Since November 2004)

Jim Stokes Workshops Ltd, Waterlooville  

William Medcalf Ltd. Cricklewood - Crewe

Oselli Ltd, Witney

Lines Motor Works, Southampton

Ten Tenths, London

Macdonald Racing, Lanchester

Neil Davies Historic Racing, Watford

Clayden Motors, Jersey

Ray Tubby, Guernsey

Rugby Classic Motor Garages, Rugby

Bowlands of Clondackin, Dublin

Phil Robertson MIRTE MSOE, Cowbridge

Peter Harding Classic Restorations, Andwell

James Watt Automotive, Eccleshall  

Jon Sichell (AC) 

Classic Holdings UK Ltd, Runcorn

G & T Engineering, Bishops Auckland

2B Technical Ltd, Co. Laois

Michael O Sullivan Automotive, Romsey

Richard Parsons (Rolls / Bentley)

G.J. Engineering, Tonbridge

Motivation, Sarratt

Nickle Engineering, Beauleiu

BSD Motorcycle Developments, Peterborough

Tetroc Chambar Ltd

Mike Vardy Services, Burbage

C.R. Tools, Killamarsh

BSA Front Wheel Drive Club Ltd, Guildford

Minor Marvells, IOW

Dorchester Auto Engineering

Enfield Garages Ltd, London

Quality Engineered Products, Burgess Hill

Prescote Motor Carriages, Southampton

Classic Automobiles Ltd, Trowbridge

Brent Elson, Romsey

TT Motors, Winterborne Kingston

AES Engines, East Dereham

SBS Engineering, Llandysul





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